SUV Car Monthly Basic Wash


SUV Car Monthly Basic Wash


  • Hand Dry wash and Dusting 30 Days
  • Exterior Steam or Hand Wash By Organic Material 1 Times/Month
  • Interior Vacuum and Steam Wash By Organic Material 1 Times/Month
  • Dashboard and Leather Surface Clean & Shine 1 Times/Month
  • Wheel Shine 1 Times/Month
  • Engine Cleaning 1 Times/Month
  • Windows In & Out 1 Times/Month
  • Glass Cleaning 10 Days/Month

Note: According to facility available from a client, we provide service as per availability


Full Month Service Description of SUV Car Basic Wash Package

  • Hand Dry wash and Dusting: Dusting and Hand Dry wash Your Car full month by microfibre cloth to protect from scratches, clean routine water spot, and dirt spots.
  • Exterior Steam Wash: wash car exterior full body 1 times in a month by Steam wash or Hand wash according to car condition with organic materials to protect car color from harmful chemicals and zero water waste.
  • Interior Vacuum and Steam Wash: full vacuum clean interior by a vacuum cleaner and wash full interior body, seats, dashboard and foot matt by advance Steam wash system.
  • Wheel Shine: shine wheel by advance Steam Wash or Hand wash according to car condition with tire shiner material 1 times in a month. Tyre Polish is Developed to renew, shine and protect tire rubber and Formulation designed to give a rich, glossy look to tires
  • Engine Cleaning: full engine wash by advance Steam Wash or Hand wash to protect the engine by water. Shine engine without harmful chemicals once in a month.
  • Windows In & Out: fully Steam wash or Hand Wash windows in and out 1 times in a month.
  • Dashboard and Leather Surface Clean: shine dashboard by our advance and organic materials 1 times in a month. Concentrated Formula of high performance of silicon polymer & Gloss producing polymers that beautify your car’s Dashboard & leather & Leather surface & protects against dulling & fading.
  • Glass Cleaning: Clean glass by Zero Ammonia Formulation which has No Unpleasant Smell and is Safe for the User as well as the Environment, Glass Cleaner’s Streak-Free Formula removes all Stains, Filmy Residues, Grime and Fingerprints.

These packages apply for a full month on daily washing services.


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