Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can purchase on our website pay by online with available payment method.
Yes, you can purchase your service on your office address in which city we provide our services.
Yes, You can Refund your money if you are not happy with our service. You will mail us for refund within 5 days of purchase with valid reasons.
Yes, our company are legal and registered.
Yes. We use fibre cloth wash materials and steam wash cleaner machine. However, the paint should be allowed to cure before washing. Consult with your body shop for curing times (usually at least 30 days for repainted cars and body parts).
Service available for full month with mentioned monthly package.
Helps to remove embedded contaminants, as well as to restore the luster of a damaged finish, which is done when you steam hand wash your vehicle.
Washing your vehicle will protect your investment; keep your pride in ownership of the vehicle, and act as preventative maintenance, which prolongs the life and performance of your vehicle.